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2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Sung Kang on the Importance of BETTER LUCK TOMORROW and the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Posted April 29th, 2017 by Visual Communications in Press


By Cohan Chew from Resonate


Sung Kang has discussed the importance of LAAPFF and Better Luck Tomorrow.

Kang was attending the opening night of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on Thursday, which screened Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow to mark its 15th year anniversary.

In the film, Kang plays Han, a character that would later be revisited by Lin and Kang in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Speaking to Resonate on LAAPFF’s red carpet, Kang said the festival was important for the global Asian community as it acts a reminder that we are not alone.

“[LAAPFF] is a place that reminds you that you’re not alone,” Kang said. “If you feel like you’re an outsider and don’t have other people who look like you or welcoming you, it’s a reminder that there are other people like you.”

Discussing Better Luck Tomorrow, Kang said the all-Asian cast film was an important step for Asian American cinema.

“[Better Luck Tomorrow] is building steps to build up to a higher place but what is that higher place? It makes an impact because we are able to come together tonight and share it – obviously there is some importance there,” Kang explained.

“It’s one of our stories, it’s not the only story though. If that’s important then it’s a step.”