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2018 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

About Our Art

By Katherine Aranda



Vivian Shih (b. 1992) is the artist behind the 34th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival’s key art. Her playful use of bold and colorful pastel sketches depicts a montage of LA’s disparate landscapes centered within a silhouette, an open-natured way to represent the diverse group of people in Los Angeles.

The final sketch was painted with acrylic ink on a large sheet of printmaking paper that was later scanned digitally. “My design represents the people of LA and the love we have for our city. Our landscapes change drastically so quickly: one block is completely different from another, and Santa Monica feels like a different city than Echo Park. Nevertheless, all of this is inclusive in the beautiful and eclectic Los Angeles full of interesting people, film, culture, and life.”

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