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2018 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Armed With a Camera vol. 2018

Shorts Programs / 34 mins

Armed With A Camera vol. 2018

Regal L.A. LIVE - Theatre 11
Wednesday | May 9, 2018 9:00 pm


Filmmakers in attendance.

Visual Communications is proud to guide the next generation of storytellers in visualizing their amazing stories through the Armed with a Camera Fellowship. Watch these films that range from a documentary about children born to Korean immigrant liquor store owners, to a narrative on growing up a Sikh child in America. – Milton Liu

In This Program

  1. 6,000 MILES

    Dawn Suhyun Shim / Shorts Competition / South Korea, USA / 2018 / Documentary, Drama, Family, International, Photography / 5 mins
    A mother and daughter with nothing in common and constantly at odds with each other, now have something to say, 30 years later and 6,000 miles apart.

  2. BEAST

    Johnson Cheng / Shorts Competition / USA / 2018 / Dance, Documentary, Drama, Pacific Islander, Social Issues / 5 mins
    BEAST is a short documentary film exploring how street dance brought together a group of suburban Asian and Latino youths from Carson, California.


    Rajendra Thakurathi / Shorts Competition / USA / 2018 / Drama, Romance / 5 mins
    After her relationship ends abruptly, a cartoonist, whose head is always up in the clouds, must learn to come down to earth.


    Jing Niu / Shorts Competition / USA / 2018 / Action, Animation, Comedy, Coming of Age, Drama, Family, LGBTQIA+, Women / 4 mins
    When a creep insults Hornet, the Asian punk must rely on the help of her skate gang to seek revenge.

  5. ILY

    Jingyi Shao / Shorts Competition / USA / 2018 / Coming of Age, Experimental / 5 mins
    A girl’s journey to adulthood as seen through her Instagram.


    So Yun Um / Shorts Competition / USA / 2018 / Documentary / 5 mins
    LIQUOR STORE BABIES explores the intersecting lives of two friends and their liquor-store-owning fathers and how their dreams are connected to each other.


    Varun Chopra / Shorts Competition / USA / 2018 / Comedy, Coming of Age, Satire / 5 mins
    Kids are kids. Adults just make things weird!

Dates & Times

Armed With A Camera vol. 2018

Regal L.A. LIVE - Theatre 11
Wednesday | May 9, 2018 9:00 pm