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2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival


Directed by Imran J. Khan

USA / 2016 / 13 mins / English with English subtitles / Color / 2.35:1, D-Cinema

Plays In:
In And Out Of The Slipstream

CGV Cinemas 3
May 2, 2017 9:00 pm


Hasan Khan, an Indian American teenager, secretly gets ready to leave his strict father’s house with the hopes of taking his high school crush, Bethany Wheeler, to prom. While picking out a corsage from the grocery store, he meets a family friend who gives him a hard time, exposing the delicate balance of being both American and Indian. When he arrives at Bethany’s house, he’s greeted at the door by an uncomfortable Mrs. Wheeler, who, after skirting around the issue, informs him that they’ve decided he wouldn’t be “a good fit.” Confused and hurt, Hasan meets Bethany in her backyard before arriving home to his father—sleeping in front of the television—a chilling reconciliation.

Director's Bio

Imran J. Khan is a former engineer and graduate of NYU Tisch Asia (’15). His short films explore themes of identity using comedy and drama. His previous short film entitled Timmy II won First Prize Best Comedy at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and is currently airing on television as a part of “Film School Shorts.”


Executive Producer: Hasan Minhaj
Producers: Prashanth Venkataramanujam, Christopher De Las Alas
Director: Imran J. Khan
Writers: Prashanth Venkataramanujam, Imran J. Khan
Cinematographer: Thomas Wood
Editors: Georgia Fu, Imran J. Khan
Cast: Jonah Aimz, Alix Schwartz, Susan Miller, D'lo

Plays in

  1. In And Out Of The Slipstream

    Shorts Programs / 92 mins
    From rigorously meditative to annoyingly talky, the quality of talk — or in some cases the absence of it — distinguishes this set of uniquely visionary short works. At turns deeply personal to pointedly political, how the characters in these works “talk it out” invites one and all to follow along. — Abraham Ferrer

    In This Program: If I Were Any Further Away I’d Be Closer to Home, Death in a Day, Lily, Best Buds, Blooming Night, Prom, Please Hold, Selfie, The Pursuit of a Happy Human Life

Dates & Times

Plays In:
In And Out Of The Slipstream

CGV Cinemas 3
May 2, 2017 9:00 pm