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2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Armed, Locked, and Loaded

Shorts Programs / 62 mins

Armed, Locked, and Loaded

CGV Cinemas 1
May 3, 2017 7:00 pm


The VC Digital Posse rides off into places unknown, and into the void steps a new, uncouth class of ruffians hailing from Visual Communications’ vanguard Armed With a Camera Fellowship and UCLA’s Center for Ethnocommunications. At turns callow and visionary, this collection of short works is poised to inspire, surprise, and delight. — Abraham Ferrer


Community Partners: NewFilmmakers LA, Nikkei Democracy Project, Tuesday Night Project

In This Program

  1. The Cogmill Kids

    Alice Hsieh / USA / 2017 / 5 mins
    A teenager is abducted from their homeland, and forced into labor at an institution called, the Cogmill.

  2. Hum

    Crystal Jow / USA / 2017 / 2 mins
    An experimental sand animation of a man struggling to find inner peace before entering the afterlife. The transition states prepping for death refer to the three “bardos” from the Tibetan Book of the Dead: ego lost, hallucination, and re-entry.

  3. 127 Minutes

    Tuan Quoc Le / USA / 2017 / 5 mins
    A man decides to go on a journey of self discovery and finds exactly what he was looking for.

  4. Emma And The Butt

    Carmen Liang, Steven Liang / USA / 2017 / 5 mins
    Imaginative little Emma tries to get the love and attention of her overworked father.

  5. Nuwa

    Joshua Lim / USA / 2017 / 5 mins
    A young human/robot hybrid must learn to harness the computer virus growing inside of her to save her people from oppression.

  6. Shut It All Down

    Lya Lim / USA / 2016 / 5 mins
    A story of the 2015 Porter Ranch Gas Blowout.

  7. Disintegration 93-96

    Miko Revereza / USA / 2017 / 5 mins
    A pop culture meditation on the Filipino American undocumented experience, DISINTEGRATION 93-96 is a deconstruction of 90s home movies and the traditional family models.

  8. A Time To Bleed

    Shaun Vivaris / USA / 2017 / 5 mins
    A young man has an existential debate with a former teacher in his head, as he bleeds out in his bathtub.

  9. Phetmixay Means Fighter

    Rita Phetmixay / USA / 2016 / 12 mins
    Through the lens of his daughter, Rita Phetmixay, Phoutone Phetmixay reflects on his past journey to the United States from Laos that entails resiliency, self-reflection, and determination. Phoutone ultimately pursues his calling in life through his timeless commitment to the Royal Lao Airborne military.

  10. Muscles & Mascara

    Michael T. Chang, Tiffany Wong, Janelle Sangalang, Ryan Rodriguez / USA / 2016 / 6 mins
    Powerlifting saved Cynthia Leu's life.

  11. The Other Side

    Hyemin Nancy Kim, Joshua Chin, Bradley Aranha / USA / 2016 / 4 mins
    Kara identifies as transgender and Taiwanese-American.

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Dates & Times

Armed, Locked, and Loaded

CGV Cinemas 1
May 3, 2017 7:00 pm