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2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Rebel Hearts

Shorts Programs / 95 mins

Rebel Hearts

Tateuchi Democracy Forum
April 30, 2017 7:30 pm


Filmmakers in attendance! 

The only thing that matters, is just following your heart, and eventually you’ll finally make it right. These films involve individuals breaking the rules, defying expectations, and trying to find their place in a world they believe they don’t belong to. Young hearts, be free tonight. — Kirby Peñafiel


Community Partners: Jubilee ProjectPakistan Arts Council at USC Pacific Asia Museum

In This Program

  1. Touring

    Dean Yamada / Programmers' Picks / USA / 2016 / 15 mins
    After his parents' divorce, a teenager meets an enigmatic kid with a love for destruction and together they set off to release their anger.

  2. Arrival: A Short Film by Alex Myung

    Alex Myung / USA / 2016 / 22 mins
    Written, directed, and animated by Alex Myung, this 2D-animated film tells the journey of how one young boy's personal discovery affects the long-distance relationship he keeps with his mother. ARRIVAL explores his struggle to face the truth of his life and love, and reveal it to the person he cares about most.

  3. Tag

    Patrick Green, Steve Tirona / Programmers' Picks / USA / 2016 / 6 mins
    A colorful day in the secret life of a budding graffiti artist.

  4. The Drone and the Kid

    Imran J. Khan / Pakistan, Singapore, USA / 2016 / 13 mins
    A lonely Pakistani boy finds the camera device from a crashed U.S. military drone, and is finally able to get the attention he craves when he discovers it is still able to transmit to the American drone operator on the other side.

  5. Bao

    Yanqiu Fei / Programmers' Picks / China / 2016 / 18 mins
    When a rookie drug mule encounters an abandoned baby girl, they become an unlikely team as they embark on a train journey through China.

  6. I Won’t Miss You

    Bernard Badion / Programmers' Picks / USA / 2016 / 20 mins
    17-year-old Janey’s best friend, Tim, begins to appear in her bedroom at night after dying in a car crash; and their awkward undeclared feelings begin to surface.

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Dates & Times

Rebel Hearts

Tateuchi Democracy Forum
April 30, 2017 7:30 pm