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2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

I Got You, Fam

Shorts Programs / 92 mins

I Got You, Fam

Downtown Independent
April 28, 2017 6:00 pm


Filmmakers in attendance!

We’ll be just fine, pretending we’re not, we’re far from lonely, and it’s all that we’ve got. Whether in the city, or the suburbs, these stories behind and front of the camera showcases families in their elements; antagonizing, struggling, overcoming, supporting, and loving.
— Kirby Peñafiel


Community Partners: 626 Night MarketFilAm CreativeTraktivist

In This Program

  1. 626

    Yudho Aditya / Programmers' Picks / USA / 2017 / 11 mins
    Justin, a parachute kid who is dropped off to live and attend school in the United States while his wealthy parents remain in Asia, must deal with the fact that his older sister is leaving to start a new life in the east coast without him.

  2. Los Angeles, 1999

    Paul Lee / USA / 2016 / 7 mins
    A short film following different people as they roam around the city minutes before the turn of the century.

  3. Float

    Tristan Seniuk, Voleak Sip / USA / 2016 / 24 mins
    FLOAT is a short film set in Seattle in the mid-1990s, following the day-to-day trials and tribulations of Cambodian-American hustler, Rocky Mang.

  4. Little Lights

    Rivelle Mallari / Philippines, USA / 2016 / 10 mins
    LITTLE LIGHTS envisions to tell a story through combining the intricacies of hand-painted watercolor, digital animation, and full-orchestra music to breathe life into the story of Charlie the Firefly. The film examines the concepts of weakness, unity and hope, as its characters are confronted with challenges that stem from the individualistic pursuit of personal agendas. However, as the film’s end shows, everything that the characters have gone through eventually works together for a greater purpose.

  5. Flip The Record

    Marie Jamora / Philippines, USA / 2016 / 15 mins
    In this 1980s coming-of-age story set to pulsing hip-hop music, a Filipino-American teen discovers her identity through a budding talent for turntablism.

  6. Fragile (a portrait of Gil Batle)

    Nilo Batle / USA / 2016 / 9 mins
    Artist Gil Batle was raised in San Francisco and spent 20 years of his life in five different California prisons where his artistic abilities protected him from violence. He now finds sanctuary and solace on an island in the Philippines, where he uses his talents to carve haunting images onto ostrich eggs.

  7. Lost Dogs

    Cullan Bruce / USA / 2017 / 15 mins
    A woman ridiculed by her family longs to escape. Striking a deal with her brother to clear his illegal debt, she delves deeper into darkness.

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Dates & Times

I Got You, Fam

Downtown Independent
April 28, 2017 6:00 pm