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2018 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

My So-Called Adolescence

Shorts Programs / 117 mins

My So-Called Adolescence

Regal L.A. LIVE - Theatre 14
Monday | May 7, 2018 6:30 pm Rush Only


Filmmakers in attendance.

We are resilient, stubborn, and reckless. We are sensitive, hesitant, and confused. We live in our own worlds but try to break into others’. As we come across each other in this bittersweet symphony called youth, we slowly stumble into the bewildering future together. – Lanca Li

In This Program


    Lawrence Le Lam / Shorts Competition / Canada / 2017 / Drama, Music, Social Issues / 20 mins
    A Korean-American high school student finds himself drawn to post-riot LA’s underground hip hop scene, where he discovers a platform to confront his painful past.


    Shih-Chieh Chiu / Shorts Competition / Taiwan / 2017 / Animation, Satire, Social Issues, Student / 7 mins
    A story of a teenager who discovers the strange and terrifying reality behind fundamentalism.


    Jason Karman / Shorts Competition / Canada / 2017 / Coming of Age, Drama, International, LGBTQIA+, Romance, Sports, Student / 17 mins
    Ray, the newest hockey team member, fights to have ice time after being hazed and finds the courage to be comfortable in his own skin.


    Georgia Fu / Shorts Competition / Taiwan / 2017 / Drama, Family, International, Student, Women / 20 mins
    A young Taiwanese woman comes home from living abroad to say goodbye to her uncommunicative father before he has to start serving time in prison.


    Paris Zarcilla / Shorts Competition / United Kingdom / 2017 / Coming of Age, Drama, Family, Gymnastics, Sports / 20 mins
    A coming-of-age drama about the tumultuous relationship between two young East Asian brothers as they compete for recognition and approval in an upcoming gymnastics competition.


    Christine T. Berg / Shorts Competition / USA / 2017 / Coming of Age, Drama, Family, LGBTQIA+, Women / 19 mins
    A coming of age story of a Thai American teen who finds acceptance and empowerment cosplaying as her favorite superhero.


    Julia Elihu / Shorts Competition / USA / 2017 / Arthouse, Coming of Age, Cultural, Drama, Family, History, Social Issues, Student, Women / 14 mins
    Yasamin has just moved from Iran to LA amidst the Iranian hostage crisis. She learns an important lesson when she waxes her unibrow.

Dates & Times

My So-Called Adolescence

Regal L.A. LIVE - Theatre 14
Monday | May 7, 2018 6:30 pm Rush Only