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2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Best Buds

Directed by Naomi Iwamoto

USA / 2016 / 10 mins / English / Color / 16:9, D-Cinema

Plays In:
In And Out Of The Slipstream

CGV Cinemas 3
May 2, 2017 9:00 pm


Grace and Danny have been best friends since kindergarten, and there is nothing about each other that they don’t know—or so they thought. While hot boxing in Danny’s car, they must each muster up the courage to reveal their biggest secrets to one another—and things will never be the same.

Director's Bio

Naomi is a Japanese American writer-director based in Los Angeles. She is the recipient of the Edward Small Directing Award, and the Ace Nikaido Fellowship. She directed the award-winning films LOST & FOUND and ANNA AND HER SHOES. Naomi is the writer of the Asian American romantic comedy musical, MANGO STICKY RICE. Most recently she was a participant in Ryan Murphy’s Half Foundation Directing mentorship program.


Producer: Melissa Jane Lee
Director: Naomi Iwamoto
Cinematographer: Heyjinn Jun
Editor: Tao Tang
Cast: Michelle Farrah Huang, Ronak Gandhi

Plays in

  1. In And Out Of The Slipstream

    Shorts Programs / 92 mins
    From rigorously meditative to annoyingly talky, the quality of talk — or in some cases the absence of it — distinguishes this set of uniquely visionary short works. At turns deeply personal to pointedly political, how the characters in these works “talk it out” invites one and all to follow along. — Abraham Ferrer

    In This Program: If I Were Any Further Away I’d Be Closer to Home, Death in a Day, Lily, Best Buds, Blooming Night, Prom, Please Hold, Selfie, The Pursuit of a Happy Human Life

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Dates & Times

Plays In:
In And Out Of The Slipstream

CGV Cinemas 3
May 2, 2017 9:00 pm