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2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

She Jang

Directed by Richard Simon Chung

USA / 2016 / 21 mins / English, Korean with English subtitles / Color / 2.35:1, D-Cinema

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Plays In:
Wrong Place, Wrong Time

CGV Cinemas 2
May 1, 2017 9:30 pm


Soon-Mi and Skye are struggling actresses sharing an apartment in Koreatown. Desperate to book a role before her visa expires, Skye double-crosses Soon-Mi, and takes her place at a mysterious audition. When Skye doesn’t come home from a callback, Soon-Mi goes looking for her. Little does she know that the fate of her friend lies with a sinister man, with ambitions of his own.

Director's Bio

Having graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, I’ve unexpectedly yet happily spent the majority of my working life in education. I grew up on Super 8 and 16mm film as a kid so I have a nostalgic take on things. When not teaching I keep busy with freelance production work and writing short scripts, but fully remain on course to realizing my potential as an independent filmmaker.


Producers: Richard Simon Chung, Jongman Kim, Leo Seo
Director: Richard Simon Chung
Writers: Richard Simon Chung, Jongman Kim, Leo Seo
Cinematographer: Anup Kulkarni
Editor: Richard Simon Chung

Plays in

  1. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    Shorts Programs / 89 mins
    One character seeks escape from an unsavory destiny. Another character cluelessly walks into a hopeless situation. Yet others experience profound breakdowns in communication. This quintet of new works seeks an understanding of the social situation, though we know that in some cases, “agreement” is impossible. — Abraham Ferrer

    In This Program: Seppuku, The Robe, Cowboy And Indian, She Jang, Santa Claus

Dates & Times

Plays In:
Wrong Place, Wrong Time

CGV Cinemas 2
May 1, 2017 9:30 pm