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2017 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Wildest Imagination

Shorts Programs / 84 mins

Wildest Imagination

Tateuchi Democracy Forum
April 29, 2017 7:00 pm


Filmmakers in attendance! 

From a humble combination of line, movement, and sound, we find some of the most spectacular films. These animated works soar into the heavens; discovering new ways to tell universal stories. — Eseel Borlasa

In This Program

  1. White Tunnel

    Lan-Chi Chien, Chin-Wei Chang / Taiwan / 2016 / 22 mins
    A person experiencing the vicissitude in the long life confronts the vague predicament in the white tunnel.

  2. Chella Drive

    Adele Han Li / USA / 2016 / 3 mins
    A disembodied memory of adolescence in a California suburb. The stuck-stillness of endless summer is punctured only by a passing El Niño.

  3. The Trees Of Eden

    Dwight Hwang / USA / 2016 / 15 mins
    An animated journey that explores the power of love over hatred. Inspired by Leo Tolstoy's classic short story, "Esarhaddon, King of Assyria."

  4. Hold Me (Ca Caw Ca Caw)

    Renee Zhan / Shorts Competition, Programmers' Picks / USA / 2016 / 11 mins
    HOLD ME (CA CAW CA CAW) is an 11 minute animated film about the troubled relationship between a large bird and a small boy. The film features hand-drawn 2D animation, as well as ink and watercolor painted backgrounds.

  5. Insect Bite

    Grace Nayoon Rhee / South Korea, USA / 2015 / 2 mins
    A tiny bug tries to figure out what he wants to be.

  6. Lola Loleng

    Che Tagyamon / Shorts Competition / Philippines / 2016 / 8 mins
    Grandma Loleng suffers from dementia. Her distant granddaughter tries to get to know her, only to unearth Grandma Loleng’s darkest wartime experiences.

  7. Monkey

    Jie Shen / China / 2015 / 5 mins
    One of the three monkeys died.

  8. Cells’ Amusement Park

    Ang Li, Caibei Cai / China / 2016 / 4 mins
    An animated football match against the backdrop of micrcoscopic cells.

  9. Remember

    Shunsaku Hayashi / Shorts Competition, Programmers' Picks / Japan / 2015 / 9 mins
    Leaving home, "I" receives a phone call. As "I" answers it, the house explodes. "I" goes to work and continues as normal…

  10. swiPed

    David Chai / Programmers' Picks / USA / 2016 / 5 mins
    Texters texting, tweeters tweeting, likers liking, posters posting, Googlers Googling, Amazonians Amazoning, webheads surfing, snappers chatting, pinners pinning, tubers tubing, tenders tindering, Netflixers chilling…are we binging too much? More connected than ever, but more distant by the day. Is humanity being swiped away?

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Dates & Times

Wildest Imagination

Tateuchi Democracy Forum
April 29, 2017 7:00 pm